Jinja was once the capital city of Uganda. The mighty River Nile starts its long journey of 4000 miles to the Mediterenean sea from Jinja. The Owen Falls Dam that provides the whole Uganda with Hydro Electricity is located down stream from the source of the Nile in Jinja.

Source of the Mighty Nile
The source of the Nile, alluded to hazily in the ancient writings of Ptolemy, stood as one of the great geographical mysteries o the Victorian age.

The desire to uncover this geographic Holy Grail inspired the epic journey of exploration undertaken by Livingstone, Stanley, Burton and Speke. And it was the latter John Hannington Speke, on pioneering 1862 – 3 expedition around Lake Victoria , who first controversially suggested that a small waterfall flowing north ward out of the Lake might be the legendary spring – theory whose accuracy was confirmed more than ten years later by Stanley.

Flanked today by the city of Jinja, the waterfall described by Speke now lies submerged beneath the Owen Falls Dam, Uganda’s main source of hydro –electric power .Still, a visit to the source of the Nile remains a moving and wondrous experience, no less so to those who have seen the same river as it flows past the ancient Egyptian temples of Luxor some 6,000 Km down stream.

Closer to home, the Nile down river from Jinja offers some superb white water rafting and game fishing .It is crowning glory, however, is Murchison falls where the world’s longest river funnels through a narrow fissure in the rift Escarpment to erupt out of the other side in a crashing 43 metres plume of white water .The river below the falls is no less spectacular in its own way, with its profuse birdlife, thousands of hippos, and outsized, gape mouthed crocodiles.

You will be picked up in the morning from your hotel and drive about two hours East of Uganda where Jinja lies. Along the way, there are many Tea and Sugarcane plantations, Mabira forest which has different primates and birds. You will also visit the Bujagali Falls the converging point for many water Rapids.

kayakingAnyone above the age of 15 years can enjoy this wild adventure of White Water Rafting along the Mighty River Nile. No experience is required. You can be trained before and all the equipments required are provided.

While in Jinja you can opt for other activities such as:
a) Bungee Jumping. The Nile high Bungee jumping is one of the interesting activities one can do before or after an overnight safari. Safety and environmental sustainability are highly considered and the site meets international standards

B)Kayaking on the Nile

C)Bugembe Royal Palace visit

D)Jinja City and Environment tour

E)Rugby game watching at Jinja Rugby grounds

F)Horse riding

Inclusive; Transport,En-route  meals, Lunch, Dinner and accomodation for 2-nights.

Exclusive; All other personal expenses.

Rates ; $130 (457900ushs) per person based on Double/twin occupancy

$142(515500ushs) per person based on a single occupancy

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