Uganda in Brief

landscape in ugandaUganda lies between the two East African Great Rift Vallies and its land locked bordered by Sudan in the north, Kenya in the East .Democratic Republic of Congo in the West , Tanzanian the South and Rwanda in South West. Uganda has an area of 236,580 Sq KM.
In size, Uganda is comparable to the United Kingdom


Official Name: Republic of Uganda
Capital: Kampala
Population: Approximately 31,367,972
Population growth rate is 3.60 percentkampala16
Large Cities with Populations
Kampala – 1,246,000
Jinja – 86,520
Mbale – 70,437
Entebbe – 57,518

Form of government: Republic
Head of State: President
Legislature: Unicarmel Legislature

Voting qualifications: Ugandan 18 years old
Constitution: 08/October/ 1995
Highest Court: Supreme Court

As most of Uganda is at a fairly constant altitude, with mountains only in East (Mt Elgon), west (the Rwenzori Mountains) the buck of the country is tropical with temperature averaging about 26 c during the days and 16 c at the night. The hottest months are December to February with Temperatures up to 30 c. The highlands are considerably cooler at night.

The rainy seasons are generally from April to May and Oct to November.


Uganda’s economy has been ranked among Africa’s fastest growing economies since 1986 .Uganda has simultaneously a steady expansion of its infrastructure such as the road network , schools, hospitals, communication networks which has greatly boosted the volumes of international tourists ‘ arrival in Uganda.

Several international banks such as Barclays, Standard Chartered, and Stanbic operate in Uganda.
There are as well many forex bureaus for changes of foreign currencies into shillings and vice versa
Despite what is claimed in some guide books.

Credit cards are not widely accepted and where they can be used, mainly with larger hotels and tour companies hefty surcharges are common.
Dollar is the most welcome foreign currency .Credit cards when accepted are widely used in Kampala .When traveling upcountry; you are strongly advised to carry cash.
Several money transfer companies such as Western Union, money Gram operate in Uganda.

The Uganda shillings exists in the denominations of 50,000shs 20,000shs, 10,000shs, 5000shs, 2000shs, 1000shs notes 500shs, 200shs, 100shs and 50 shs coins.
Banks are open between 8:30am to 4pm Monday to Friday 9:00am – 1pm on Saturdays.

Uganda has one international airport known as Entebbe International Airport .A number of international airlines fly direct ton Entebbe e.g. SN Brussels, KENYA AIRWAYS, BRITISH AIRWAYS, EMIRATES,ETHIOPIAN AIRWAYS, SOUTH AFRICA AIRWAYS and many others Many towns around Uganda’s national parks and wild reserves have air strips and there are various domestic charter compaies for flying Safaris


accommodation-in ugandaUganda has got a variety of hotels, safari camps and cottages ranging from 5 star status to comfortable lodging. Every budget is well catered for Through out, all wilderness, game parks and places of tourist attraction, lodges, cottages, hotels, camps and guest houses are available for travellers.

The Uganda visa can be obtained from all our international diplomatic missions and national entry points such as Entebbe Airport plus all border posts at 60 USD

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