1 Day Mabamba Bird Watching Tours


1 day Mabamba bird watching tour happens in Mabamba swamp a natural home for Shoebills and one of the Important Birding Sites in Uganda. For birders, this is an opportunity to watch a big number of birds (about 260 bird species recorded in Mabamba bay) in a shortest period possible while just near the airport on the edge of lake Victor
The 1 day Mabamba bird watching tour is one of the best Uganda birding safari trips crafted for you to sight diversity of avifaunal species that make Uganda a birder’s paradise. Your bird watching expedition allows you enjoy the amazing sight of the elusive shoebill storks.
This one bird watching experience involves exploring Mabamba Wetland along the lush shores of Lake Victoria, West of Entebbe. Your trip starts and ends in Kampala about 1 and half hours’ drive in a 4×4 Safari Vehicle.
Trip highlights of 1 day Mabamba Bird Watching Tour
Bird watching
Spotting the shoebill stork
2 boat cruise/ride to Mabamba Wetland
Scenic view of Lake Victoria and Mabamba Swamp
Shoebill stork 1 day Mabamba bird watching tour
Shoebill Stork Eating Lungfish
Detailed Tour Plan of 1 Day Mabamba Bird Watching Tour
Have a hefty breakfast and after, vacate your hotel in Kampala ready to embark on 60 minutes’ drive west of Entebbe. Make sure you have a good camera and binoculars to boost your birding experience. Arrive early to take the boat ride to start your long day bird spotting with expectations to sight the elusive shoebill storks.
The other interesting bird species to keep you excited on your birding tour in Mabamba include yellow billed ducks, common Squacco heron, Angola swallows, whale headed stork, malachite kingfishers, purple herons, blue breasted kingfishers, spur winged goose, great cormorant, sooty chat, red billed fire finch, little stint, African fish eagles, blue breasted bee-eaters, lesser jacannas, pied kingfishers, crowned hornbill, knob-billed duck and a lot more.
Get back on your canoe/boat ride, relax and then drive back to your hotel/area of residence. This will mark the end of your Uganda bird watching safari in Mabamba Wetland.

The tour includes
Bottled drinking water
Photography & touring
Pick up and drop off at a hotel in Kampala/Entebbe
2 boat rides (in the morning & afternoon)
Service of an English-speaking tour guide
Bird sighting
Travel in a 4×4 Safari Car
Mabamba swamp Uganda -1 day Mabamba bird watching tour
Boat Cruise in Mabamba Swamp

The tour excludes
Laundry services
Hotel fees after the trip
Beverages/other drinks
Telephone bills
Optional activities
What to carry on 1 day Mabamba bird watching tour
Camera with additional battery and charger
Good shoes
Birding pack
Field guide book
Safari hat
Insect repellent
Light rain jacket
End of tour

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