Boat cruise in the largest and oldest park in Uganda Murchison falls takes at the bottom of the falls starting at the paraa to the Nile Lake Albert , Delta , this is unforgettable trip of 4 to 5 hours offering the frontal view of the falls and wild life including hippopotamus, elephants, rhinos and various bird species including Goliath Herons, secretary birds and black headed plover and osprey, white fest-whistling duck, veracious doves,rockpratincole,yellow- build  stork and the rare  shoes bill on the river bucks. The boat cruise expedition begins at 0900/hrs in the morning, 1400/hrs in the afternoon and 17/30hrs in the evening which offers the classic view of an equatorial sunset reflected in the Albert Nile River. While on boat cruise in Murchison falls you also get to see the rainbow formed by speed water strongly squeezing through the narrow gorge. In Murchison falls they offer public and private water cruise.

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