Boat cruise in Uganda; Uganda is haven of many wonders which are interest to tourists making it to one of the major tourist destination in East Africa and Africa at large. Uganda is a former British land locked country in Central East Africa taking its name from Buganda Kingdom, this beautiful nation most times referred to as pearl of Africa. Because it’s numerous fantastic endowments. Uganda with Kampala as the capital city experience conducive climatic conditions ranges from warmth in lowland areas and coolness in the highlands of south west kigezi with general temperatures ranging from 26 degrees maximum and 15 minimum with good for touring.

Uganda is a nation of numerous tribes making it one of the most wonderful places on earth to experience different cultures.

Boat cruise is a pleasant voyage safari trips on water bodies, boat cruise involves spending in water vessel like a boat or ship while having funs and touring the neighboring surroundings. Boat cruise in Uganda is one of the most fun memorable activities you cannot dare miss as a tourist on your holiday, Uganda is gifted with many water bodies where exciting boat cruises take place. Boat cruise sports in Uganda include Lake Victoria which is the most dominates spot and nearest to Kampala the capital city of Uganda. Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa, world’s largest tropical lake world’s second largest tropical lake shared by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, Lake Bunyonyi, Murchison falls, source of the Nile, Kazinga channel. While doing a boat cruise on water bodies you get to enjoy more adventure from water animals like crocodiles, rhinos, buffaloes, a thousand species of birds on the shores and scenic view of the nature and hills. And most amazing is watching the sunset as the sun reflects into the water it is a spectacular view for everyone to enjoy. Uganda is always a bustling place  full of tourists from time to time intending to tour and experience various attraction in Uganda and three types of  boat cruise are offered including;

Morning boat cruise: Morning boat cruise take place in the morning hours at 0900/hrs for morning trip which is best for viewing most animals s they are lazing around on the shores and you get to enjoy the sounds  of the birds as they singing.

Afternoon boat cruise: Afternoon boat cruise starts in the afternoon hours of 1400/hrs, it is the best trip to see numerous birds and animals as they come to drink water in Kazinga channel  most especially heard of buffaloes and elephants.

Evening boat cruise: Evening boat cruise take place in the evening beginning at 1700/hrs. This is the most preferred and perfect trip for photographers as you to get to witness the sunset giving a spectacular view as the sky filled with a mixture of colors from orange, yellow, white and blue reflects into the water. It also offers an opportunity to see animals as they come from grazing to go to their nests.

Boat cruises in Uganda involves use of different boat types including power boats, speed boats, Kerala boats   and yachts.

Boat cruise is offered in the following place

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