Lake Bunyonyi is a lake surrounded by numerous Islands is one of the small lakes in Uganda and second deepest lake in Africa. Lake Bunyonyi a land of many birds offers great cruising experience and tales behind this lake makes it exceptional. The most prominent Island to visit while on the cruise is the punishment island where unmarried girls from; bakiga tribe were relocated to as a punishment, they were isolated and left to die there and also the akscuraniko Island which Is believed to have turned upside after locals refusing to offer local beer to an old woman. While cruising on Lake Bunyonyi be sure to witness a number of birds including Herons, weaver birds, grey-crowned cranes and Islands.

Other water bodies offering boat cruise in Uganda include Lake George, Lake Edward, Lake Albert and Lake Mburo.

The following are the items to carry for the boat cruise in Uganda,

  • Appropriate shoes including sandals and closed shoes
  • Appropriate clothes including bathing suites , a sweater, towel
  • A bag pack to keep your items
  • Sun screen and moisture
  • First aid box
  • Camera

There are many rules to be followed while doing boat cruising for the safety of the tourists.

Tourists are advised to avoid hanging over the side railing of the boat.

Where life jackets is most while on a boat cruise, it is Important to keep tourists upfront in any of an accident.

Restrain from busing and smoking while on the board.

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