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Stay with the Karamojong Manyatta:

The Karimojong are renowned warriors and herders and once roamed vast territories in Uganda and East Africa. Nowadays, the remaining villages in Eastern Uganda are open for visitors to have a peek into their daily lives, traditions, and culture. The image of a Karimojong warrior watching over his herd from atop a hill near the settlement is a memory to last a lifetime.

Traditionally a nomadic people, most tribes are now rather sedentary. The Karimojong depend on their livestock – they keep cattle, goats, and sheep. They are strictly against killing wild animals, taking their livestock from one water source and grazing area to the next.

The Karamojong Culture

These have a very unique culture and they believe that cattle is a sign of royalty and the more cows that one has the more prestigious they are in the community. They will do anything for their cows even to the extent of killing them.

Farming is a secondary activity to the Karamojong and is only carried out in areas where cultivation is possible. It should be noted that Karamoja is a semi-dry place and farming is hard to come by creating food scarcity in the area.

The men mostly do the cattle rearing, and construction of the settlements that they live in and later in the evening, they gather around to enjoy a pot of local brewery. Everything in Karamoja is done communally and many things are shared from food to cattle and they move to search for water and food for their cattle.

The traditional diet consists of milk and blood from their cows. Meat is reserved for special occasions. Dancing occupies a special place in Karimojong culture, as men gather in a circle and jump high from a standing point.

The Karamojong are socially organized and they are ruled by a group of elders who rule till it is time to hand over to the next elders. The ruling of elders normally depends on the generation and in order to avoid conflicts within themselves, when it is time to hand over it is done peacefully to the next generation of elders.

It is also very easy to identify a Karamojong especially due to the clothes that they adorn that look like Masai gabs. For the women, they adorn Metallic bands that are tied around their ankles, coloured neck beads and coloured beaded skirts whereas the men just drape themselves with a colourful piece of cloth and add plastic bangles to their cloth and body.

Visit the Karamojong

When you visit the Manyattas, you are welcomed by smiling children who you will find playing around the homesteads and you will also get a chance to see the different cultural dances that are performed by the ladies mostly. Singing and dancing around a built fire is the best way to wind up your day when you visit the Manyattas of Karamoja.

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